A traditional country music artist with a relentless work ethic, Buddy's success has been driven by his high profile on social media with over 1.5 Million followers on social media. Between FB and YT, Buddy has seen over 270 MILLION video views and toured with acts Justin Moore, Jon Pardi and Brothers Osborne. In 2017, the Orlando Magic chose his song "Rowdy Side" as their theme song for the season. Vice President Mike Pence even used Buddy’s songs in the 2020 campaigns. In a day and age when country radio has fallen to mindless pop music, fans left behind are looking for someone who says exactly what's on their mind. "One of the great things about being Independent, Buddy says, is the ability to release songs that haven't gone through a committee. I don't need permission. Fans see through the BS and so do I. Its a new world. Radio will die out and Independent artists will emerge victorious through streaming. I don't work for anyone - I won't sell out or back down and it drives all the right people crazy." 
Buddy has gained a massive following in the alt-country genre where 
underground music thrives on passion of the fans. In 2021 Buddy has gained half a million subscribers on YouTube by talking politics, life and God in a way your overly-sensitive HR rep wouldn't approve of - which is what makes it authentic.