Buddy Brown, a Mississippi native, has drawn over 170 million views between Facebook & YouTube. Without radio or a label, he has garnered over 1 Million social media followers. 

A true outdoorsman, Buddy gets most of his inspiration from being in the woods and hearing the folklore that his heros have passed down. "Music is about the only thing keeping me from living 100 miles from the nearest town in an old cabin wearing a fur hat and eatin' squirrels for breakfast" Buddy says. 


On October 7, 2016 his 6 song EP "I Call BS on That" debuted at #1 on the iTunes Country Charts and reached #21 on Billboard. His acoustic video of  "I Call BS on That" gained over 5 Million views in one week on Facebook and had over 100,000 shares in 7 days.  His 2018 EP titled "Just Sayin" was recorded at Southern Ground in Nashville and featured 7 new songs. It debuted in the Top 5 in the US, Canada, and Australia going as high as #3 in Australia. With 3 Billboard charting albums, Buddy is now a veteran and having a very successful career.

"The greatest part of being Independent, Buddy says, is the ability to release songs that haven't gone through a committee. There's a whole world of country fans just like me right now that don't relate to country radio anymore because it caters to the masses instead of the real people living this life. My fans expect it to be authentic."

Buddy's 2020 album "Patriot" debuted at #2 on iTunes on March 13, 2020 behind Luke Combs. "I consider that pretty dang good territory to be in" Buddy said.  

In September 2020, songs Red Like Reagan and Stop When You See a Uniform were added to Vice President Mike Pence's campaign rallies.

Buddy's new album "American Savage" debuts March 5th featuring ten brand new songs! Available iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Rhapsody, YouTube Music, Napster and more!


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